How much was Lost through Publication

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Podcast 7 Response:

Dr. Jerz often asks of us, "what is it you can learn about somethings portrayed in a fictional work?"'
The answer is that we can only gain the author's perception on that which he displays.
I pose a similar question in regard to Emily's poems.
With the constant alteration of her poetry before publication, how can we really get a feel for Emily's true intentions?
What can we learn about Emily from her published works?

I believe there is so much lost with the original publications, because we do not know the order to which she would have published them, or simple things like how she would have used grammar to make her point.

-Benjamin Davis

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That's why I think no one should have published them at all - I mean, they are nice to read, but if they are not how she intended them, how can really know what these poems really are - what they were meant to be?

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