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Most of my posts were written on-time, and linked back to  the course website.


A particular example of depth was in my entry in response to the seventh podcast. I looked at the question posed by Dr. Jerz and raised my own questions concerning the publication of Dickinson's poems and how it affects the intent of the author. My own commentary on the idea of publication skewing things prompted a response from a classmate who agreed with my sentiments and shared her own views. She agreed with my proposed ideas emphatically.


In response to a poem by Emily Dickinson, I blogged about her fascination with death and gave my views on why she was so fascinated. My opinions on the poem caused one student to remark about how, to her, the poem showed Dickinson's view of death as a cycle. The idea that most interested me also gave me a question to consider that I previously had not and I offered a rebuttal to her.


One of my peers proposed an idea which I disagreed with. She used textual information to support her claim, but I also had textual evidence to support my own opinion. Other students agreed with my opinion, and we presented our ideas clearly  and concisely. The world of the blog allowed for this conversation and exchange of opinions to occur smoothly and with good evidence from the text to support our opinions. The student whose blog the conversation sparked was also able to reply easily and accurately with both our opinions and the text at her disposal for perusal and understanding.

Another student offered an opinion on Hester's "A", saying it gave her a certain superiority within the community due to her show of strength. I suggested, based upon the incident with the Native Americans, that Hester has been given a divine protection since mankind has so let her down. I particularly enjoyed this post because of the idea that something beyond the physical realm was playing a part in Hester's fate.   

The post in which I disagreed with Valerie shows an example of the comment primo and riposte gracious. I was the first to comment on the post, and thus the first to raise speculations about her views on Chillingworth. I offered textual evidence to support my claim, and it sparked a discussion amongst other classmates.

Alexi and Stephanie led me to rethink my position on Dickinson's meaning in Poem XXV. Though I did not completely have a reversal of opinion, they raised questions which took my original viewpoint and brought my rougher ideas to smoother closure.


I am involved in the frisbee games which occur nearly every evening on campus, and wanted to bring in new members. As a blog is a public forum, I felt it would benefit the group to share a taste of the excitement and to provide the information necessary to participating.

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