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Poetry Is So Complicated

Hamilton, Essential Literary Terms (1-31) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)
"A poem is a composition written for performance by the human voice."

I am one of the people who enjoy poetry. Even if I do not always understand the meaning of a particular poem, I still think it sounds pretty. Before reading what Hamilton wrote about the conventions of poetry, I never really noticed how complicated it is. There is more to a poem than just being a poem; there are different types of poetry, different rhyme schemes, patterns, etc. I just found it interesting.

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Oh yes, the simplest sounding of poems are often the most complex - one of the reasons it is extremely easy to write bad poetry.
I also agree with you, I feel that the majority of the time poetry is meant to be heard rather than read. That is truly when the meter breaks through the surface to the audience. Yes, we do hear it and read in rhythm (its hard not to) but hearing it spoken gives it life.
I guess that is why there is so much life in poetry and why it almost acts as the bloodstream of the human race.

Some good thoughts about a great genre. I always enjoy the poetry workshops that we do in EL 150. (But those won't be for a little while yet.)

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