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September 25, 2005

Peer Discussions

After looking several times through me blog, I reread a comment left by fellow classmate and friend, Johanna Dreyfuss.


Interestingly, without her and Micheal Diezmos, I would have never written the article that I did. Through our discussion during lunch, I received a real eye-opener...

Originally, I planned this boring piece which I discussed in "Crazy Angles: Are they Right or just Obtuse?"


Even after this experience, when I attended an optional workshop, Ashlee L., Ashley W., and Jenna O'Brocto helped me further shape the article. Although they weren't the only ones assisting me, (which suddenly makes me wish I had a camera during Dr. Jerz'z tapping frenzy)I left the classroom knowing and understanding what direction I needed to move towards.

Peer interaction forces each student to push beyond their maximum potential. Sure this appears competitive, yet I think many of us are competitive by nature. We love to correct and question each other motives- defend all our reasonings for our actions.

I think thus far the class has performed these "critic tasks" in a constructive manner. I'm excited to work together with many of you on the next workshop day for our second spot news assignment.

Now that we've put a month of news writing under our belts. I anticipate the new techniques everyone in the class will focus on. Does the article follow the "Inverted Pyramid?" Were who, what, where, when, why, and how covered? Are certain details needed after a quote or ar they simply background material?

Granted, beforehand, I focused on clarity of ideas, spelling, word choice, and leads. Yet, now I trust those to be taken care of this time around. Our eyes will have plenty to look for, let's hope that time will allow all these aspects to be explored and discussed.

I think that only question left unanswered is whether or not Dr. Jerz's next dance performance be a ballet number?

Posted by BethanyHutira at September 25, 2005 12:46 PM


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