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That's Right Women and Their Trifles

Glaspell, ''Trifles'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"We think she was going to--knot it."

Just a trifle, huh? Well that's what the investigators thought, but really it were the trifles that mattered most in the investigation. Oh she knotted that quilt for sure, but no man would notice such trifles according to the sexist investigators. Shame on the men for thinking that the women and their trifles were silly and unimportant. I loved this play and think it is very clever. The one thing I keep thinking about is if what the women did was right. In my eyes, not that murder is right, I feel happy that Mrs. Wright is getting away from her husband who took away everything she loved. I am not saying that murdering her husband wasn't crazy but I felt like he was the one who made her that way and never thought of her as a bad guy in the play. In that sense I think what the women did was good and made for an interesting end.


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Chera Pupi:

I agree with you Bethany. The trifles were what mattered most. I know that hiding their findings is not LEGALLY right, but I don't care! The bond between these women and the cruelty of John Wright just made me push the fact that what Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters did was wrong right out of my mind.

Margaret Jones:

Bethany I don't know if I can completely agree with you when you say that what the women did was good at the end because I sort of feel it was a typical double standard. And the funny thing is, before reading your blog I felt the same way as you, but after reading your blog I changed my mind and realized this was a double standard. If Mr. Wright was the murderer instead of the murdered wouldn't we have wanted him to be punished?

Margaret, you've touched upon one of the reasons why I love teaching this play.

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