Forster, ''The Machine Stops'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"She repeated, 'No ideas here,' and hid Greece behind a metal blind."

Throughout this short story, I am totally freaked out by the fact that everything we consider beautiful and has brought us insight is no longer important and brings no ideas. I had a hard time focusing while reading this short story because I found it so unrelateable. Although it is interesting to think about what the future will be like, I am not liking this picture and place at all. It scares me!!! I love technology, but honestly there is more out there to inspire than just new age inventions. I don't know, maybe its just me...


I totally agree with you. It is scary to think about. It would be depressing to not ever see any natural beauty and have to rely solely on technology.

The only thing I could relate this story to is the same feelings I got when I read 1984. This story creeped me out too. And I think that it is so scary to see how much technology can do.

WHOA. Maggie, this short story reminded me of 1984 as well.

I really thing that technology is becoming the only thing that we can rely on. Bethany, I agree with you that it is frightening and brings mixed emotions to the reader.

This story scared me too! It was creepy and weird.

Just look at the teenagers to understand why the story is so relevant to our lives and why it is so scary. Our teens are constantly texting, or playing games on their iPhones, or listening to the music on iPods, or playing video games at home, or chatting with "friends" on Myspace. Do they see real beauty of this World? Do they realy hear the songs of the birds? They barely can hear what their parents say....Yes, the story is creepy because it's becoming more and more like our lives...

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