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"I believe that the final irony of "Benito Cereno" is the extent to which it borrows and extends the rhetorical strategy of targeting the reader, 'getting under the skin,' in order to make a powerful antislavery argument." O'Connell 193

This quote really interested me, because I did feel like the message was under our skin and as O'Connell says, "note the necessity of a second reading to 'get it'' (186). It may not be evident the first time reading through the novella, but after reading over the story we may see deeper messages that got under our skin. It's more than meets the eye!

I really enjoyed this article, and how it went from accusing Melville from being pretty racist to showing the use of his reader-response proved he was making an antislavery argument. I also liked the way that this article was set up, I think it helped me understand the idea of a reader-response, but I will want to make sure. It is pretty much our opinions. That's what it seemed like in this essay. Of course we need to have evidence to backup our claims, but by golly I think I've got it!

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