Ex 2: Game Analysis 1

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September 12

            This game was very interesting as soon as I began reading the text to begin the game. It explained that there was neither beginning nor end, and that the user could choose to shoot or not. I played the game twice, just so that I was able to experience in both settings. The first time through I did not fire at all, I simply allowed the terrorists to roam about along with the civilians. Nothing happened, the game simply continued to run with no change. I was actually surprised, my thoughts were that the terrorists would slowly begin to disappear, but I continued on. I began to fire, and as I did so the number of terrorists multiplied as grieving civilians changed into new terrorists. I think the game allowed the user to experience power and at the same time providing the consequences we might find in real life. Countering violence would logically seem to cause others to join the cause and to once again retaliate with violence. I think a simple game such as this allows us to experience something that we simply judge without ever truly understanding them ourselves.



            The game for me started abruptly and I was somewhat confused to begin. I took the time to read the t-shirts of the people who were holding the candles after frantically trying to keep the candles fully lighted. Each t-shirt read, “I [heart] (insert country name).” I assumed that this was a metaphorical game to spark people to try to speak out for the peace among all countries. I was unable to complete the game, if it is even possible, so I cannot comment on the message for adequately lighting each candle. I did however allow the candles to burn out, and the ending message read “You have to keep trying.” I began to think about this, and how simple yet beautiful the game really was. I was so close to achieving victory for this game, and each time I would fall short just before it was mine. I felt as though the game was set up for the user to lose, and that the ending message is in place to encourage the ongoing fight even though it seems so difficult right now.


Derek Tickle said:

September 12 - I also found this game very interesting because of what the instrutions said. I intrepeted it as every player has a choice either they can play the game because it is a game of use it as a game that shows what is going on in the world today. I agree competely with you when you say the game provides the consequences we might find in real life. I think that is an important concept in the game and the user has their choice on whether or not the game is a teaching tool.

Madrid - I agree with you because I thought it was very important that all of the people had different countries on there t-shirts. This is a sign of unification and peace. I also believe that the game is telling us that we can not give up because if we do then terrorists and other destructive groups may win and we don't want that.

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