History of Video Games

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     Even after reading and understanding the history of video games I still find myself in amazement.  The concepts and ideas for the time are just astounding when you think about it.  The amount of work put into something that seems so simple today really makes you stop and appreciate it all.  I have always agreed that in order to accomplish your goals failure tends to be the best teacher.  Video games are successful today because they have experienced failure, and as such they understand what it takes in order to create a worthwhile game.  Watching the video of the Tennis for Two its honestly amazing when you think about things like hand-held games.  We have not only improved the technology that started it all, but we continue to develop it in a more compact environment.
    It is also interesting that games today mimic the original set of games.  For instance the idea behind the secret collect, where you maneuver through obstacles to your goal.  The concept has stayed the same, the sophistication of the visuals has simply improved.  It seems that it is human nature, it was popular then and today these types of games continue to thrive upon the general public.  I suppose, as could be applied to anything, understanding the roots of something can really only prove beneficial in the end.


Darrell Kuntz said:

I find it amazing that the first video game was on that machine, I can't think of the name of it right now, but wow who would think of that? And now we have Xbox 360 with HD tv's and wireless internet.

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