Interactive Fiction

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    The idea behind interactive fiction is certainly one that could have a wide range of possibilities.  The freedom offered through this type of gaming is very open, almost too open to really be controlled.  To be perfectly honest my feelings towards this genre is very weak.  I've always been a visual person, I need to be shown something or otherwise my interest is easily lost.  While I feel as thought I'm creative I can't seem to really use my imagination to immerse myself in the game.  While playing the Colossal Cave Adventure game I often times found myself at a loss for what I should do next.  In all fairness I'd like to believe I'm a product of my generation, as I've grown accustomed to new age graphics and ideas.  Because I did not grow up with the only option of this type of game I would say I have a prejudice towards interactive fiction type games.  Not to say I feel as though these games are not impressive in their own right because I feel as though it is something that would be enjoyable if you have the patience and frame of mind to entertain yourself.  Perhaps those who were around during this era have fond memories that draw them to this genre of game,  but I find myself unable to really connect to this type of game.

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