Jerz, "Somewhere Nearby Is Colossal Cave"

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    I found it simply amazing that this cave so closely resembled the actual cave it was modeled after. That was so long ago and yet seems to sophisticated for the time, to actual map out an area and turn it into a simulation. I certainly found a new respect for the whole development of the game. It was also neat reading some of the coding for the game. As a computer junkie it was so gratifying to understand what that code meant and how it worked, something not everyone can say. I sincerely enjoyed the visuals that accompanied the article, it helped to put into perspective what your engaging in. It certainly is a genre that can be very rewarding to those whose imagination will allow it to be. As Dr. Jerz mentioned, fans of the text-based games may not find the rewards that gamers like myself find in contemporary games. In the end there are many factors that determine this, including your lense, your preference for games, and your experiences which lend to the things you enjoy even beyond video games.


Yes, good points. The shift from simply suggesting details to rendering them in excruciating detail (complete with subsurface light scattering and and soft-body 3D mesh physics) opens certain doors, but it closes others.

I think it's too easy to think of text adventures as what people settled for before they knew any better. Most text gamers I know are also fans of modern games... but one person can create a text game from start to finish that's just as polished and professional as what used to be in the stores. It's a lot harder for an individual amateur to create his or her own version of a FPS. (Well, it's not that hard to create a mod, but that's not the same thing as creating a world of your own from scratch.)

Derek Tickle said:

It is very important to consider different factors such as your lense and preference for games. These are important questions that many you can consider before, during, and after playing the game. I also thought it was great how they mapped out the entire game in real-life. It takes a lot of work to complete a task like that, but the reward of learning was great because of how much information I achieved.

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