Laurel, "Utopian Entrepreneur"

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    Laurel's book was an excellent read in my opinion for the context of this class. The book explained video games in a much different setting than we had done so far for the class. I found it most interesting that she was addressing video games from the female perspective. To be perfectly honest I never really thought about why there were so few games that appealed to a female audience. I enjoyed reading as she explained the process she went through to produce Purple Moon, and the incorporation of values in the game. She felt as though the field should not be telling girls what they want but rather video game designers should research what the girls want.
    She labeled herself as a culture worker, one who attempts to positively influence society rather than pursuing money and fame without a care of affect their product or service may have on its consumers. She was not successful in her business venture, that was apparent by the closing of the game, however, she felt as though she was able to make a positive impact on girls lives all around the world. She received numerous letters once the game shut down asking why it had happened. This is where she found her success, that she was able to influence so many in a positive way.
    The father who expressed concern that values were being portrayed in the game Laurel certainly took a stand against that point of view. Every game teaches a lesson, some positive and others negative. In the case of Purple Moon positive values such as friendship were being enforced, which is obviously something we want for our children. As Kevin mentioned in his entry Kevin Mcginnis, "Laurel Part 1", the father questions whose values are the ones being expressed in the game. As I was reading that I asked myself, what is his opinion on games like Mortal Kombat? Does he oppose the values that are presented in this game, or does he simply dismiss that values can exist in a game like that?

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