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*Updated* Participation Portfolio


My experience thus far in Video Game Culture and Theory has been a very positive one. As Ashley mentioned in her entry, this class has required that we overcome our personal bias in order to provide a scholarly view of video games. I feel as though this class has challenged me as an individual explore the game beyond simply the gameplay itself. Blogging has been a valuable experience for me so far because it provides feedback for me in a more detailed way than a grade. Others opinions and insight help me reflect on my ideas and push me to examine my reponse further.

Coverage / Timeliness

An important part of the class so far has definitely been responding to ALL assigned readings in order to progressively build upon our ideas. I feel I have certainly met this requirement for the class so far, and as such I have been able to append to my ideas. These entries were generally my initial reaction to the text, I simply wrote down my feelings and the ideas these entires invoked. The following list includes each one of my blogs that were responses to readings.

Shanahan, "Bow N*gger"

History of Video Games

Interactive Fiction

Koster, "A Theory of Fun"

"Shade" (link broken, see Blog to view entry on front page)
There were several entries which I felt I had covered in extra detail, or at least contributed more than just a simple comment or observation. These are examples of areas where I feel I have provided either a deeper understanding of the readings or discussions.  The first being my Ex 3: Game Analysis 2. This was not a blog entry, but rather a paper to analyze a game rather than a simple traditional review. I felt as though I was able to provide a more personal response to this type of paper. The entry Douglass on "Shade" was another occassion where I was able to provide insightful information about the link between past games and present ones. A third entry where I felt as though I went beyond simple response to a text was Koster, "A Theory of Fun". I thought i was able to provide highlights with adequate details without simply providing my opinion. Lastly I believe that my entry involving Jerz, "Somewhere Nearby is Colossal Cave", mostly because I felt as though I provided a renewed feelings towards text based games.
These are entries in which I have responded to or have experienced responses as part of a discussion or interaction with my peers:
Shanahan, Bow N*gger
Discussion Topic: Video Games as Art?...
Effort or Fun
Gender and Video Games(response to a class discussion, so refer to class discussion as well)
These links will highlight comments I have left to others in which I shared my thoughts or answered a question:
The point of the this portfolio has been to organize my works in such a way as to demonstrate my overall participation in this class. This has included many different aspects of the class, simply through presenting simply the work I've completed, work in which I've put in some extra effort, places in which I have interacted with my classmates, and times when I have provided comments that have answered or provided extra details for my peers.


Good -- thanks for pointing me to the entries that you felt were especially valuable. I hope that when you take a look at your peers' portfolio pages, you'll take a look at the entries that they felt were most valuable, and share your reactions by posting comments.

An excellent revision, Brandon. You are doing a good job tracking your own progress, as you demonstrate a growing ability to identify the lenses that color your perception of the world (and gaming in particular). I appreciate your willingness to engage with the ideas introduced by others, and you're showing good coverage. I think if you work on timeliness you'll find the interaction frequency and quality will naturally improve. I'm glad to see that you can identify the ways in which the assigned readings and the online interaction with your peers have combined to provide you with feedback that helps you in richer ways than a stark number grade might.

Derek Tickle said:

A review of your portfolio: I like how you categorize your different blogs and show tell us what we will be reading. I also like how everything is organized and separated so the reader does not get confused! I liked Dr. Jerzs' comments because they provide positive feedback to improving the portfolio. I like how you list the items in order. This shows how the course is developing and also how your developing as a writer, thinker, and student. Your revision is detailed and descriptive. Overall, Good Job!

Brandon Gnesda said:

Thank you Derek! I also enjoyed reading over your Portfolio as well. I liked that you used a sort of narrative way to present your portfolio rather than listing. Thank you Dr. Jerz for the feedback. I certainly would agree that its better than a letter grade. While grades are important to me the feedback for me to improve is far more beneficial in my opinion.

Zach T said:

Hey man your portfolio is looking good, you organized it very well. When I look to read one of your blogs, it's easy to find what I'm looking for, and what I'm about to read. I look foward to reviewing number 2.

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