Participation Portfolio 2

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Participation Portfolio: 1/11/08 - 1/14/08

As Dr. Jerz mentioned, the entries included in our second portfolio would be limited as compared to the first. The emphasis for this project would be the depth of articles and the interaction with fellow students. None of my entires are particularly lengthy; however, I felt as thought I posted a thoughtful and engaging reaction that could provoke discussion among peers. I tried to include both interesting ideas within the articles as well as the main idea and perhaps an area of discussion.

The entry Juul, "Half-Real" included my take on the section of the book that talked about games being adaptations of real-life. Because Juul covered so many different ideas about videogames, I felt it was important to pick something that stuck out to me and discuss it in detail in hopes that others would reflect on those ideas.

My thoughts in Newman Vs. Juul covered their opposing thoughts on the player-character relationship. I was happy to see that other classmates felt the same way that I did while reading these authors. Both Ashley and Derek believe, as I do, that these personal relationships can create a much more enjoyable experience, even as an observer.

The main concept in my "The Myth of the Ergodic Videogame" discussed some of the ideas in Newman's article. I touched on the importance of non-ergodic elements of a game and how they can actually improve the ergodic aspect of games. Screens that report progress or score allow us to somehow gauge our performance, and I think that is an element that keeps us attached to games.

Because there were so few entries, and also because of the feedback of both Dr. Jerz and my classmates, I made it a point to more actively interact with others entries. As I explained to Dr. Jerz I am experiencing some family issues at the time that does sometimes prevent me from posting or responding in the most timely fashion. I do, however, feel as though I definitely improved since the last portfolio as far as interaction with my classmates.

Rather than explain in detail each example of interaction in others blogs I will simply list the links so the reader can use his/her own judgment on my active participation.
Ashley Farmer: "Rules Rule the Game"
Ashley Farmer: "Disagreements"
Ashley Farmer: "Workbook Thesis"
Derek Tickle, "Time and Projection in Video Games"
Derek Tickle, "Newman and Juul - J-Web Essay #3"
Brandon Gnesda, "Effort or Fun"
Brandon Gnesda, "Participation Portfolio"

Both of my entries were a part of my first portfolio, however the discussion within each has continued and the feedback has been a huge help for me, especially in the creation of this second participation project.

My entries and comments since my last portfolio have been more thoughtful of others entries and comments as well. I tried to integrate others ideas and thoughts into my own, because I've found that it helps to understand things I may have previously missed.

The following entries are examples of xenoblogging since my last participation portfolio.
Juul, "Half-Real"
Newman Vs. Juul
Ashley Farmer: "Workbook Thesis"

In both of my entries I mention some of the ideas I connected with from Derek's blog entries. In Ashley's workbook I provided a more detailed comment in which I shared my opinions on our shared views and offered here a reflection of why she felt that way.


Overall I was much happier about my second participation portfolio. Through my peers and Dr. Jerz I have come to understand the importance that feedback from others can provide, and as such I made it a strict point to provide that to others as they have done for me. I hope that I can continue this practice both within this class and beyond as well.


Yes, a good mix of paragraphs and listed items gives me just enough context to know how you are representing each item in terms of the online participation criteria. You've successfully made the transition from simply using your blog to prove you've done the readings, to using your blog as a way to engage with your peers and their ideas. Good work.

Peer feedback is a valuable learning opportunity that SHU really encourages. I'm glad to know that you're finding it rewarding.

Zach T said:

was up buddy, just got done checking out you 2nd portfolio and i gotta say its horrible. Just kidding, i can easiley see the difference from the first one, as Dr. Jerz said you have made a great transition from using your blog to show that you have done the reading.

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