Participation Portfolio 3

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Participation Portfolio 3 - The End of a Journey

Since my second portfolio our class has been more focused towards work leading up to and ultimately our term paper. The majority of our entries and interaction have been related to building a strong basis for our thesis and suggested revisions for our term paper drafts.

My entry on Bogost's Persuasive Games talks about some of the highlights of the books, including topics about politics, advertising, and learning. This book provided points of view that I had never really considered, and certainly introduced me to new genres of games that I had not really participated in. Political games are a genre that I have never actively participated in, nor have I really had much of an interest, but the book explained that they can be a powerful tool of persuasion. Also the educational value of games can be compared to any other medium, its all dependant on the way the author chooses to express those values.

Next was my Presubmission Report - Graphics Vs. Gameplay in which I researched potential sources, including quotes, that could be used for my term paper. This research helped provide me with a basis for my thesis, and also was a valuable tool in evaluating the amount and strength of the information available for my thesis. I thought this was an excellent activity and definitely helped prepare me for my term paper.

The following entry, which was my Annotated Bibliography required that I research sources in a more in depth manner. I used many of the sources from my Presubmission Report - Graphics Vs. Gameplay, but I also added several that I had found along the way through extended research. Feedback from Dr. Jerz challenged me to find more scholarly sources, rather than outside sources, to help to support my claim.

The combination of the previous two assignments brought me to my Online Presentation in which I provided a detailed, but brief introduction to some of the ideas that I wanted to include in my term paper. Interaction between mysefl, Dr. Jerz, and Darrell helped me polish my presentation to help make my thesis more clear and also to prompt a deeper understanding while conducting further research for my term paper.

I also had two entries pertaining to the game Fatworld. The first was my initial response to the game. I talked about my disappointment mainly due to confusing controls and displays. The game could have been a positive influence to consumers if it was able to more fluently approach the issues through gameplay. The next entry was my FatWorld Review, by Dr. Jerz in which I was able to share Dr. Jerz viewpoint on the game. It was another example of a game that "could have been" if only the author was able to sort of simplify the game and edit some of the faulty controls and display.

Participation among my peers was certainly a vital part of the course, from beginning to end. This last part of the class seemed to be a bit less interaction between peers and more suggestions for improving work. Each person in the class presented valid thesis statements that would be enjoyable to read arguments. Here are some examples of entries in which I have interacted with my peers and professor, or I have provided feedback or suggestions for my peers:

Brandon Gnesda, Online Presentation
Brandon Gnesda, FatWorld Review, by Dr. Jerz
Brandon Gnesda, Assigned Text - Ex 4: Article Analysis
Ashley Farmer, Online Presentation
Derek Tickle, Online Presentation
Darrell Kuntz, Online Presentation


This class was definitely a positive experience for me as a student. As I've mentioned in my previous portfolios that interaction among peers and Dr. Jerz has been a valuable tool for my learning. I feel that my quality of work has improved and will continue to improve thanks to the feedback from everyone. Thanks everyone for making this class and enjoyable one!

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