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"If money and time operate in different scales in Fatworld, how do I interpret a clean bill of health for an adult male with a weight of 69lbs?  My medical report doesn't mention dwarfism.  (Are the doctors here quacks? What am I missing?)." For me this statement really addressed a common issue of the game. There were too many things that just made no sense when compared to real life. Bugs are manageable on a small scale, but when a game consists of more negative aspects than positive it does become difficult to enjoy the experience. As Dr. Jerz, Derek, and Darrell all mentioned the game could be really good, but the reality is its simply not. Open ended games always have the potential to be great, mostly because they allow the user to really create their own experience. Unfortunately as Dr. Jerz has mentioned the experience in this game tends to be figuring out exactly how and why things happen.

"Fatworld looks good on the plate, but it's hard to swallow?" I had to laugh, because as cheesy as this was it perfectly describes the game. In the end what could be a positive learning experience is overshadowed by weak graphical display, poor user interaction, confusing instructions, and buggy mini-games.

I do wonder though would the game be more appealing with easy user interacton? If the game were to omit some of its aspects in an attempt to simplify gameplay would that improve gameplay?


I thought the graphics were well done -- they had the feel of an RPG adventure game but instead of being blocky, they were smooth vector graphics. And the red, orange, and yellow colors are the color scheme of some key players in the fast food industry. But if it's pretty to look at, but doesn't *work* -- well, 'nuff said.

Brandon Gnesda said:

Agreed. I reread my response, when I spoke of graphical I didn't necessarily mean the overall graphics of the game, perhaps I should have worded that more clearly. I meant some of the confusing graphics, like when you mentioned missing the animation that showed you picked up the food to give to a customer.

I see... got it.

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