Shanahan, "Bow N*gger"

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Quote: "You see what this has become? It's not just a trivial game to be played in an idle moment, this is a genuine battle of good versus evil. It has nothing to do with Star Wars or Jedi Knights or any of the fluff that surrounds the game's mechanics. I played by the 'rules' and he didn't, that makes me the 'good' guy and him the 'baddie', but this is real, in the sense that there's no telling who's going to win out here." ("Bow N*gger")

    I found this quote intriguing because I myself have been confronted with a similar situation.  I thought it was worth mentioning because I was curious as to whether anyone else has felt the same while playing a game.

    In its entirety I found this article to be a breath of fresh air as compared to a traditional game review.  Instead of being told why I should or should not purchase the game I was greeted with a vivid recreation of the authors experience.  It was enjoyable to recreate the situation in my own imagination, especially because I understand and have myself been confronted with this type of event.  I thought it was much more engaging to share the experience that NGJ authors present beyond the simple presentation of information that traditional gaming reviews provide.


I'm glad you can see the difference... Traditional reviews serve an important purpose, but as you can see, there's so much more to think about beyond what buttons to push and how to unlock the secret levels.

Derek Tickle said:

Hi Brandon! I also agree with you because I had never read a NGJ review prior to this class. I think they offer an entirely new world of game reviewing. The traditional reviews are basic and what I refer to as a marketing technique whereas the NGJ review is more of a personal experience and reflection about someone's life and playing the game.

Kevin said:

Do you think, then, that there is a time/place where the two forms of game review can meet? Can a traditional review, which encourages the positives and negatives of a game as well as offers advice on purchasing...mix with a New Media review, which appeals to the emotion, rather than just the technical?

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