Storytelling in Video Games

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    It was definitely interesting reading/listening to Adams about the games of that time. As a computer scientist myself, it was definitely informative understanding what little they had to work with at the time.  He mentioned not being able to waste any space when writing the text based games, and that two word commands were generally the most efficient way to prevent overuse of resources. While I still find that text based games simply are not my type of game I certainly still respect the ideas it has brought to the table. It forced the creator to consider all the possibilities rather than a simple straightforward solution. This concept is still around in games today, more than one path may lead to the same end, and that allows the user to experience a much greater variety of things they might miss if they were forced to follow a certain path. I was not surprised that Adams still received letters about his games, as people tend to experience nostalgia with early games, because they often provide good memories. I would certainly like to continue researching the history of this type of game to see if other parallels exist with games today.


Brandon, if you want to choose this topic for your term paper, I will happily flood you with resources. One is the Colossal Cave article that's already on the reading list. Another is this bibliography:

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