"The Myth of the Ergodic Videogame"

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    Newman discusses the topic of ergodicity in the video game medium. One point he makes is that we cannot compare this quality to other its definition in other mediums. He continues on to talk about the importance of non-ergodic events that occur in games. These events can include screens that report our progress or score in order to communicate more about the game. They can also come in the form of cut scenes, which can provide extra information or details that help in the progression of the game. An important point that he covers is the feelings that someone gets from simply watching someone else play. Often times that person feels instantly connected to the game, even they they are participating in a non-trivial aspect of the game they are forming a relationship which compels that to engage in the game. "The pleasure of videogame play does not simply flow through the lead of a joystick." I thought this quote essentially promoted his point that we do not need to actively participate in a game to feel a connection with it.

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