Video Games as Art

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Much like the rest of the responses that I read I feel that Mr. Ebert's response was certainly debatable. I myself consider video games as a definite art, sometimes even more so than film. Ebert describes films as a medium that provide authorial control, the opposite of games which allow the user to decide their fate often times. I disagree with this statement. Video games do not in fact always allow for an open ended experience as he describes, in fact they there are games that are on a single track and the user must simply follow in order to reach the end. But more importantly than that I feel as though the open ended aspect of games is exactly what makes them so great as well as art. Art invokes many different feelings, that is proved by the different genre of movies. Comedy is supposed to make us laugh, action make us sit on the edge of our seats, and some can combine several of these feelings. Video games are much the same, as we can be greeted with action, romance, drama, comedy and any other descriptor you can possibly think of. Because the user can make a choice they in essence decide what it is they wish to experience, and that alone is why I believe that video games are most definitely a form of art.

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