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February 24, 2006

Antony and Cleopatra (Acts III-V) -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

Cleopatra and Antony

The title definitely foreshadows the ending of the play/story.
Throughout the story we see how selfish Cleopatra and how weak Cleopatra and Antony really are. I didn’t find out like everyone else that Cleopatra and Antony had children which I think is a factor but it really isn’t talked about. Maybe that is why Antony loves her so much… he is in love with Cleopatra because of her power and beauty but when you have children with someone I think that has a big part of it.

The one quote that I didn’t understand in the story was in ACT II SCENE 11

We scorn her most when most she offer blows

I just wondering if anybody could let me know what that means because for some reason that is all I keep on thinking about.

The hatred for Cleopatra is also shown widely throughout the last Acts of the play. She is called a ho and a whore so many times by Caesar and his people. It definitely makes people aware of how they truly felt about Cleopatra and her role as a leader.

I thought that it was really sad when Antony was betrayed by one of his best friends, Enobarbus. When Enobarbus leaves Antony and joins Caesar you have a feeling that Antony was going to be left by him self. Betrayal is such a harsh and rotten thing but you try not to feel so bad for him because throughout the story he betrayed many people that he supposedly loved.

It was also really clear how much Antony loved Cleopatra and how “under her power” he really was. It really backfired on Cleopatra when she sent a messenger to talk to Antony and tell him that she had died right after he yelled at her. Instead of him running back to her and cradling her body he decided to kill himself which wasn’t how I expected him to die.

The other deaths were quite unusual. I was confused about wether or nnot Cleopatra was willing and ready to die. She kept asking if it was going to hurt and etc... well did it really matter if she felt any pain?

I definitely like how Kevin/Denamarie wrote
Understand that love and lust might look the same...be it will give you different results.

I can’t wait to see the play in action

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