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March 24, 2006

Eats, Shoots and Leaves Ch. 3

Truss, Eats, Shoots & Leaves 3 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

I don't think that I have ever expressed how much that I hate computers and technology. I blogged earlier today and came back to the site to look at it (I don't know why but I always do that) and it wasn't there. So I left to go to class and I when I revisited the site it still wasn't up there so now I have to blog all over again! (A dilema, that I think Dena had as well)

I really like how Truss began chapter three. Even though it was quite RUDE and awful to do that to somebody.. she is right. People are so into typing and using the computer that hardly any one ever has good handwriting. At least in high school all of my first drafts had to be and written but when I got to college ever those had to be typed on the computer. SO why is the handwriting part so importnant when we never have to use it anymore. (and since everything in this class is done online.. I am sure all of our handwrittings are going down the drain) (no offense to you, Professor Jerz, I completely understand that we are trying to save trees!)

Like I have said before I truely enjoy reading Truss and I love how we actually get to see examples rather than just giving us a definition of why to use the punctuation marks and where to place them.

I am fairly confident that I use the semi-colon correctly. Especially because I do not use them that ofeten, but when I do use them n a paper my professors never mark them with any type of ink so I believe that I have a good relationship with that mark.

One punctuation mark that I do have trouble with is the colon. I know that you are suppose to use them when you are about to start a list but other than that reason I have never seen or heard of anything other reason to use a colon. Thats why I like how Truss gives us the reasons. She said that you can use colons to tell the reader that something is coming next. But, like she said you can practically put them anywhere just like a dash.. and boy do I hate those dashes (I guess it's kinda the same way as using the dots '...'). WEll... I am glad that I never learned that because I probably would have over used them just like I overuse my commas.

I really liked the newspaper statistic and reason why they do not use colons, semicolons and the marks of that nature. And who ever said it on their blog is so true. Andy, I believe said that examples of the elevator and reading it in the car. SO many people just look for the quick news.. they don't care if something is spelled wrong and especially whether or not a punctuation mark is misplaced.

The last thing that I wanted to point out is the fact that a sentence can change so much depending on what punctuation mark you put there and where you place the punctuation mark. It is so amazing to me that a sentence can change so much.

I really enjoyed this chapter as much as the others.

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March 19, 2006

Eats, Shoots and Leaves (the COMMA!)

Truss, Eats, Shoots & Leaves 2 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

Before I start to blog about the writing I just wanted to let everyone know that commas and I do not get a along. Every paper in this past month for so reason or another has comma mistakes in out. Now wether commas are suppose to go there, or they are not suppose to be there I am guilty of it all. And I am sure throughout this blog you will notice punctuation mistakes.. so Beware!

I think that it was harder for me to understand the sentences that had grammatical error. I wasn't sure in the sentences that she used to talk aboutThurber and Ross were correct or incorrect.
For example

After dinner, the men went into the living room.

I do not believe that this is correct (but I am not sure of it either), but I definately see myself writing sentences like these because I am comma crazy!
What I like about Lynne Truss is that she will list the ways that commas and apostraphes (and I am sure other puctuation marks) are used in sentences; I believe that to be very helpful and useful.
I think that the apostraphe chapter was a lot funnier and interesting to read compared to the comma chapter... I think that Truss did a great job on getting everyones attention in the introduction and chapter one but I think that she is loosing me a little because of chapter two. All of the people and the ancient time writings that she is talking about really isnt catching my attention like all of the things that she talked about in chapter one. I thought it was very interesting to see grammatical errors on signs around neighborhoods and the stuff like that.

I would like to give credit to Truss for finally answering a question that I have had. Do you ever just sit around and wonder who comes up with words, who invents certain/all words? Well I do. Actually, today at work a friend of mine and I were talking about the color pinka nd how funny it is that that's a color (anyways)... Truss tells us that Aldus Manutius invented italics and the semicolon.... I have truely always wanted to know that.

Antoher thing that I liked about this chapter is the way that Truss described its jobs. How she defined its job as a seperator and how it tears about on the hillside of language, circling and dividing...etc
Commas, if you dont whistle at them to calm down, are unstoppably enthusiastic at this job. I love how she puts this because this is going to be my next excuse when I get a grade letter lower on a paper just because of commas... But Professor the commas didn't listen to me because I can't whistle! haha.. I though this was really funny.
Something that I learned out of this chapter was when to place commas in list. This comma placement might be one of the ones taht confuses me the most because I never but a comma before the last and and a lot fo the time I have teachers and professors that mark that wrong. Now I know that I am right and they are just really into the Oxford comma.
Overall I enjoyed this chapter so bring on the next one!

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March 2, 2006

Levin Article

Article: Levin -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

I really love how so many people try to depict what happened in stories that were written so long ago. I wonder if authors, hundred of years ago, like Shakespeare, thought that his stories would be read and analyized like this. I really enjoy reading other peoples perspectives and ideas on stories. Especially when it is a novel by someone who is so popular and one who is so noticeable.

But even though I enjoy reading peoples opinions and what they interpret it is only one persons opinion and like I have learned before, there are many reasons and more than one meaning for a symbol.

This article really showed the love that Cleopatra really didn't have for Antony. She wasn't willing to die for Antony like he did for her but she only wanted to commit suicide after she found out about how Caesar was going to treat her. It is so strange to me because throughout the whole play you think that she is truely in love with Antony but if she was then why didnt she kill herself right after Antony like everyone wondered?

Throughout the reading that I had done on Antony and Cleopatra and even seeing the play at SHU it wasn't clear to me about the relationship that Cleopatra had with Caesar. vene though it refered to Caesar alot it made it quite unaware like Levin said wether it was Octavius Caesar or Julius Caesar.

And after reading this article I am sure that I do not like Cleopatra and I actually feel sorry for the cheating and weak Antony.

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