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April 5, 2006

Curious incident of the dog in the night time (Part 2)

Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 2 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

I believe that I would find it really hard to care for someone like Christopher but their are always options that I would chose that would make things better. Even though sometimes my emotions might take over my body I think that I would be able to work it out.

It really makes me sad that Christopher's mother just left him because times got hard with the family. It makes me so sad because there are so many people in the world that can not have children and they would die just to have a child, even one with a disability. I give Christopher's father a lot of credit for the way that he handles situations and basically lets Christopher do what he wants. He lets Christopher make the decision to eat what he wants and to let him walk downt he street to the store and even lets him stay at home when he is not around. For a child that has autism, Christopher's dad gives him space and a little bit of freedom.

I know that I have enough courage and enough strength to get through all the obstacles and difficult times with my child that I could never leave her.

I try to think how I would feel if I knew that somebody I loved killed something that I really loved and enjoyed being around. I think that Christopher did exactly what I would of done if I was little. I remember when I use to get yelled at for doing something bad. I would run adn hide in the closet with all of our sheets and comforters in it. And even though it was dark I felt safe ebcause no body could see me.
It is kinda of the same thing when Christopher runs and hides in the garden shed with the tarp over his head.

The chapters in the second half of the book that really fascinated me are the ones about the train station. It took a lot of guts and putting fears aside to do what Christopher did. To be so young and able to find your way to a different city on the train is remarkable.

I believe that I would have a hard time getting shuttled around in New York City on the subway just to get a couple of blocks. And Christopher manages to sve his pet rat, Toby (Practically killing himself); ask strangers if they knew where his mothers address was (even when he never talked to strangers); manage to escape from the police...

This book definately shows us how much of an amazing child Christopher is.

I really love how this book was abuot relationships as well. Not only relationships with his neighbors (which there really isn't one because he doesn't like to talk to strangers), his father (which he learns the lies about the dog and the letters and his mother being alive and still being able to forgive), his mother (for being able to still love her in the same amount even though she abandoned him), and his school (throughout the book, even though not alot, Christopher is in school and doing problems and working hard so he can take the a-level math test and pass) which ultimately he does.

This little 15 year old boy with autism shows everyone another side of an autistic boy. Not just one that can not look at peoples faces or is extremely smart in some areas, and one that thinks only BUT a boy who learns how to love and has so much courage to do everything. A boy that is able to go out of his niche and really explore and learn on his own.

Posted by Brittney Aller at April 5, 2006 1:35 PM


he does definetly not learn to love, he has no idea what the word implies, only a vague "they look after me" .... its a sad ending honestly. :( good read tho

Posted by: Jess at March 13, 2007 4:03 AM

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