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April 24, 2006

Resurrection blues 2 and 3

Miller, Resurrection Blues 2 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

I realized with this reading that I just need to start a book and finish it the whole way through. It was difficult after putting this book down for a few weeks and picking it back up to remember all of the characters names and what each of their roles are.

I was a little overwhelmed and surprised by the amount of sexual language the play used in the second half of the book. Especially when Felix and Emily were having dinner.

Felix: Of course, small things xn be better than big sometimes.

Emily: Oh? catches on. Oh, of course, Yes!

Felix: Your body. - I beg you to forgive my frankness, it's becuase I am sure, Emily, that I could... how shall I say... function with you.

I didn't really see the need for all of the sexual remarks in the play. I really don't undertsnad why they are in it.

For some reason I don't think that I undertsnad the end of the play. I found it hard to analyze. I do realize that there is some sarcasim in the play but without people actually saying it out loud it is hard for me to tell which phrases are ment to be sarcastic.
For example on page 78:

Henri... This is why this man must be hunted down and crucified; because- he still really feels everything.

Another part that confused me is when Henri brings up the point that Charley.. etc.. could have never of been alive in the first place. That part made me wonder about Charlies life. I don't really think that he is alive; I think that he is only a spirit that is trying to help people. But then I dont understand why he stayed in the jail cell.

The ending is especially weird and confusing. I undertsand that Felix turned against Emily and wanted him to come back and be crucified. I also understand that SKip wanted the same thing.

But the whole idea of fighting about the money at the end got no where. I thought that a lot of phrases and pieces of the play really didn't belong in it. Because they didn't really have a significance.

Very easy to read but a little confusing to understand all the meanings.

Posted by Brittney Aller at April 24, 2006 10:15 AM

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