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April 12, 2006

TRUSS hyphens and dash marks

Truss 4 & 5 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

I was a little dissapointed when I read the chapter cutting a dash. I had to keep looking back at the title because she didn't start talkign about dashes until a few pages in.
I thought it was kind of insulting that Truss wrote how to use a question mark and an exclamation point.. Those things we learned about in the elementary grades. And if you don't know how to use an exclamation point or a question mark than you probably aren't smart enough to read this book.

I was hoping that she would of spent a little more time on hyphens and dashes becuase after we discussed them in class the other day I was confused.

I do like how she talked about the different kinds of brackets though. I have never seen anyone in a book use square brackets.. the only thing that I have seen in paranthesis and I use them quite often. Maybe too much but always legal. I think that it sometimes gets confusing when people use quotation marks all the time. I think that this punctuation mark is completely overused. Single quotations, double quoations do I even understand the difference?

I was so happy when I came along Emily Dickinson's poem "Because I Could Not Stop For Death"... this is the first reference that Truss talks about that I have actually read. And it helped me understand the dash marks.


I pretty much understood all of the rules for the hyphen. The simple ones such as using them for numbers, spelling out words, letter collision, indicated unfinished.

But I still get confsued as to which word can be hyphend to another word. Like rule number 4. These are the types that we have been working on in class and sometimes it still confuses me. I think with adn without the hyphen that the words look just fine.
I think that I would be okay if the hyphen was embolished. I think that it makes words and sentences more complicated than they have to be.

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