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May 3, 2006


Ex 3-2: Media Fasting Reflection (30pts) -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

Brittney Aller
Professor Jerz
Introduction to Literary Studies
May 3, 2006

Television Turn-Off week was a realistic and challenging goal for some people to meet. How could somebody go with out watching one of their favorite shows, especially when the finalies are coming up.

A lot of people, espeically the older generations, believe that the television and media in general are creating ways for children to be isolated from the outside world and lazier. They believe that television has become an object that basically children and teenagers worship.

When you really think about it how often do you watch television? As for myself, probably about one hour a day, during the week. This calculates to a whole five hours a week. For some people this can be a lot but I do not think so. If you sit down infront of the television to watch a movie it can be about two to three hours long. And if you sit and watch the news it can be a half an hour to an hour long.

I do believe that the television does create lazy people, especially when they hook up a play station or an X-Box to the television. My brother, for example, can sit infront of the television and play a video game for eight hours in one day. What do people get by doing that? I believe that the television creates a way for children to interact mostly by themselves instead of having them go outside an play basketball, baseball, or even hanging out with a friend.

In today's society it has been excepted by people to sit infront of the television especially by the parents. A lot of parents would rather have their children sit inside and watch movies, a television show, or play video games so they know where their child is at all times. By having their child sit inside and watch the television, it inables them to do things around the house without having to supervise their child when they are playing outside.

I think that people also watch television when they are bored. If there is nothing to do or they are waiting for dinner or something to come up a lot of people will sit down infront of the television for something to come up. People have to know that there are other things to do than watching the television. For example, they can go outside, play cards, hang out with their friends, make crafts, read. But for many people these other options take time. And in today's society many people are just so lazy that they do not want to put the effort into riding a bike or reading.

I am not trying to say that all television watching is bad but a lot of it has no specific meaning; a lot of people watch the television for entertainment. I do think that it is important for people to watch the news everyday. I really enjoy watching Abrahms Report, CNN, and the local news channels because it keeps me updated on the important issues.

During high school I would probably watch television on an average of 20 hours a week (which is a lot). But now that I am in college there is a larger amount of homework that is to be done. I also have a child which makes it easier to get away from the television. My daughter is thirteen months old and has never watched the television. She has never been fascinated by it nor does she even care to look at it when it is on. I also have a job that takes up plenty of my time away from the television. So after I go to school and either come home to Cailey or work there is rarely enough time to watch television. But I do turn in to the two shows that I watch every week which are American idol and House.

During television turn-off week I took part in Casino Night. Not only did I attend Casino Night but I helped to prepare this event with the the Seton HIll Government (SHGA). Through out Casino night we were able to leave the media and television at home and do something to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. From 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm, I decorated, set-up, and prepared to have a large amount of people come into the Cove Area to play cards such as Texas Hold Em', black jack and Roulette. This was a great event, not only becuase it took the 45 people away from media and the television but we were also able to raise money for the charity.

I believe that the children and teenagers that do watch a ton of television are just going through a stage. They are at that age when they are extremely lazy and do not care about a lot of stuff. They do not have a lot of energy to go outside and do the other things that are avaliable. I do feel that the people that will continue on to higher education or get a job will continue to watch the television but a lot less. When people grow older, they have more responsibilites and duties. And when you are at work or school a lot longer each day you have less time to watch the television.

In conclusion, I feel that a lot of people make a bigger deal about the television watching than they should. I feel that it is a stage that a lot of people go through and eventually it will pass. the older the people become and the more active they are in school and in a job field the less that they will watch television.

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