Animal Cruelty and Racial Acts

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The first article I chose was a current news report and had few details in it. All it did was state what happened, who did it and what could be done about it. This article was gross, it was about a guy that was drunk and ripped the head off of a live duck that was in a little pond in a hotel lobby. According to the chart the man is currently just at the arrest stage, and this crime is considered a felony, and awaiting a trial. Though this article was fairly recent, it had as much information as needed, and perhaps more than most recent news stories have.


The second article I chose was about an ongoing story, the case of the Jena 6. This story was primarily written because of the recent "march for justice" for the six. It states that all but one of the six have been released from jail an await trial. On the chart the six are located in the charges filed category, while the last one of the six still is under arrest and sits in jail. The case of the Jena 6 is about six black students that beat up a white student, and are changed with battery for that attack. The attack happened after black students got permission from the school to sit under a certain tree on campus, which mainly white students sat around; within days of the black students getting permission, three white students had hung six nooses on the tree, and were only suspended from classes for the day. This case is based on racial prejudice within the school, and is hopefully ended properly. Personally I feel that the white students got of easy, and the six are being punished too much. There is definitely a double standard in the school, and it needs to be fixed before the trials go on.


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