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September 18, 2007

So...I hope this is right.

With the assigned article I found that there seemed to be a couple mistakes with it; one that really sticks out, is getting all the information on the identities of those involved. Though I think that it is not ethical to put the names of people under 18 in the newspaper, unless given permission, why is the age not given for the little girl, and why is the age not given for the driver of the vehicle? And if that driver, who is "not licensed" is not of driving age, then she is apparently under the age of 18 too, and should not have her named mentioned as well. (I don't know if that is the reason why she is not licensed, it's just a thought.) Also, according the to check list the only other thing that this article was really missing is what the damage to the SUV was, which actually does not seem relevent to this story.


Now with the article I chose there seemed to be very a very minimal amount of mistakes, except spelling errors, which I am very bad at as well so I'm not going to hold it against them, anyway, this article was very informitive of the accident. (Which is really tragic, since everyone involved was between the ages of 14 and 30.) This article tells the reader everything, except what the funeral plans are for the ones that died (which might not be known at the time), and it leaves out any eyewitness accounts. However besides those two things, this article is well written and covers the check list pretty well.



The only real question I have is, is it really ok to put the names of people under the age of 18 in a newspaper article like these? I always thought you weren't allowed to do that. And do we have to make a trackback to the class site in every blog? 


Wow. I love that me and you did the same article, and wrote about the same things. I agree with the fact that the bicycle article left a great deal of information, but I didn't even realize the fact you mentioned about the driver. Good eye.
As for the fact that the other article mentioned names of those under the age of 18, I'm now curious as to if they can do that as well. I'm assuming that they got the paren'ts consent, but that might not be the case. Maybe it is different in a situation where the result is death?

You folks raise a good point. Individual newspapers set their own rules, and one of them is that a paper will not name any minor who is a crime victim. So if it turns out the driver might be charged with vehicular assault, the child goes from being the victim of an accident to the victim of a crime. It's touchy with abduction cases. If a child is missing, the parents want the child's name publicized. If the child is found in the company of someone who is a sexual predator, and evidence shows the child has been assaulted, then the child goes from being a missing person to being a sexual assault victim.

You could do a compromise by saying something like "The child was playing in front of a house on Elm Street..." or "Police say that the child, who lives on Elm street, was..."

I thought the article was good, and informative as well. Chelsea you brought up a very good point with the drive possible being under 18, I didn't think of it like that, so ya good job, and I was confused about the child vs name "law" too. Good Question.

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