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October 29, 2007

Do I really want this?

"Why are journalists sometimes prone to exaggerate the health and enviromental risks faced by Americans?"-Found on page 115 of It Ain't Necessarily So


Seriously, why does this happen? I mean I know why it happens, but maybe the better question is why do journalists let it happen? I know that people have the desire to know news about things going on around them, and that includes gossip, which is why journalist exaggerate; to catch the reader's attention, and to keep the reader's attention through the whole story, they keep the exaggerations going. Because of this journalists that are trying to only report the truth are given a bad name. Which is one reason why I don't want to take journalism on as a career, because people will automatically think that I'll be lying to them just to cover a story. However, it's also the same reason why I would want to continue with this career, because then I could show that not all journalists are corrupt and only out looking for a story, and that I am one of those journalists just trying to write the truth, and bring that truth out in my stories. But, do I really want to just right in newspapers forever? (That's a no.)

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