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October 15, 2007

Just a start to the next four years.

This class has taught, and re-taught a few hundred great lessons for the field of journalism. In high school, I was only able to “join the journalism party, fashionably late” in the last semester of my senior year, so I was able to get in some basic techniques of the style of writing. However, with this course I learned a lot more about how to cut out the fluff and only use the important details of a story, which is unlike most of the writing I did, and was praised for in high school. Also, with this course we learned why timeliness, peer interaction, and in-depth writing are important. 



In journalism, having your research and interviews made into an interesting article is important. To be a good journalist, one should know how to get quality items in on time. The way I have demonstrated timeliness is shown in the Animal Cruelty and Racial Acts and "What is written without effort..." blog posts. Though none of my blogs were posted exactly 24 hours before class, these two show that I am able to get items in, in a timely fashion.


Peer Interaction

This is important because journalists are constantly conducting interviews, and need to be able to start a conversation about any topic and be able to move with it. In the So...I hope this is right post, my agenda item (what is a writer supposed to do when it comes to given minor’s names in a victim report) generated conversation through other confused students on this same issue. Also on Nessa's blog I left the first comment on her I'm Sorry... post, which also continued the “conversation” on that entry with (almost) the entire class.


In-depth writing

A journalist should be able to quickly get out the most important information in an article, but still make the reading deep enough to get in all the facts. The way I was able to portray this were in two different entries, one that was assigned and one that was not. In the post "Covering crime and its victims..."I was able to quickly use the text to show in-depth thinking, and with the When too busy becomes a lame excuse post, I was able to relate personal background to a current story to show another side, giving it a more in-depth look at the story itself.




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I really like your blog design, it is very festive and your blogs are excellent for a newbie! I think you've got a good start :)

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