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October 9, 2007

Media Lab (Portfolio 2)

Part 1: Freshman Finds Time to Continue Help With the Setonian

Chelsea Oliver, a freshman at Seton Hill University has been working hard on each issue of the Setonian, and stepping up to expectations of upperclassman on the paper’s staff.

“Chelsea has been doing well with the paper, and I am proud of her work,” said Valerie Masciarelli, editor of the Setonian. “She’s really been stepping up and helping us out in a great way.”

Though with this past issue, Oliver turned in her assignments later than expected and was not able to help in the distribution process, she still was able to submit an article and pictures and help with some time in the office during production week.

“Even though Chelsea needed an extention, she came through for us and turned in her article and pictures and then spent the day in the office to help with the layout,” said Masciarelli.

Oliver was unable to help with the distribution of the Setonian because of scheduling conflicts, but still wishes to remain as useful as she has in the past to the paper. “I know with this past issue I could have done better, along the lines of turning my work in on time and trying to be there for distribution, but I will just try to be better with the next issue,” said Oliver

“I forgive Chelsea, I know that sometimes people need extensions and that the paper did not come in on the day it was planned to, so I do not see that as slacking, I know that she is good at what she does, and she is a big help to the staff already, even in this short amount of time,” said Masciarelli.

“I wrote an article and took some pictures, and though they were late I think they both turned out well, I was with Val and Lorin when they edited my paper so they could show me what was wrong, and Lorin taught me some things about the layout and how to place articles, so I am learning,” said Oliver. “I just hope to be able to do more in the issues to come with layout and production as a whole to be a better contributor to the Setonian.


Part 2: Blog Reflection

"The ability to speak is part of our genetic inheritance; the ability to write is not"

From personal experience I found this off in some ways, maybe to others it is not but because of my brother being so shy and still he is a great writer I find this quote hard to believe. Also with myself it is easier for me to write to express my ideas than to actually say them, though many of my friends and people that know me well enough know that I am a very outgoing person, it’s typically easier for me to write out how I feel then actually tell someone how I feel. So personally I find this quote to not be true, simply based on how my brother and I have always been able to show our feelings through writing but not always so through speaking.

With other people I know that, that may be the opposite because it is easy to think on their feet and be able to know exactly what to say, and even though I act like I can do that, I really have a hard time actually doing so. Whereas with writing I have the time to process my thoughts and convey them in a way that looks good, so people can understand them. Because while talking, I know that I always say “you know” and really the person I’m talking to could have no idea what I am talking about, but if I wrote everything down I am more clear and able to relay my message to them in a better, more direct way.

Writing has always been easy for me, and I’m not saying that speaking isn’t, its just that with that quote I feel as if maybe its stereo-typing, thinking that people are expected to just know how to speak well and that writing is “so hard” when really it is different for everyone, and everyone’s experiences are different, making them either a better writer or a better speaker, or some lucky people that are just good at both.



Part 3: Action Item    

For the journalism contest we are sending out a letter to schools about the contest in advance so they will know about it, and be able to give their students enough time to actually work on their papers. Also the letter will contain some information about Seton Hill in general and that the winner will win some time to shadow someone on the Setonian staff and see how production week works and they would also be able to possibly have their article published in an issue of an upcoming Setonian. We are currently in the process of making a draft of the letters that will be sent and are working towards getting these letters out this month so the schools have plenty of time to work.

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Yes, we all miss deadlines from time to time, but the important thing is you told your editor in advance that you knew you wouldn't miss the deadline, and that gave your editor the chance to make different plans. Maybe if the delay would have been a problem, your editor could have reassigned the story, or held it for the next issue... but whatever happened, you showed that you respected your peers (and the hard work they do on the paper) when you gave them advanced warning.

Your first semester in college, it's hard to learn how to manage your time and balance all the different aspects of your life, but I hope that you keep learning and that you continue to take on more responsibility. We've got a lot of graduating seniors this year, and that means we have to do a lot of training. If you want a position of responsibility with the Setonian next semester, let your editors know, and they will make plans to have you shadow someone so you can learn the ropes.

It's been a pleasure watching you stretch your wings. I hope you continue to find your work on the Setonian to be meaningful to you.

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