Oh memories...

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"At every step in the transmission process, room for error increases."


This quote reminds me of that telephone game that my friends and I ALWAYS played. For those of you (un-cool kids) who don't know how to play telephone, you have everyone sit in a circle, and one person whispers a secret to the person beside them and the secret is past along the circle until the last person hears it and says what they heard out loud to the group. (The kids in the Oreo Cakesters commerical play this game.) Anyway, the point of it is that by the time the secret gets to the last kid, it's a totally different phrase then what the first kid said.


 So, this quote, found on page nine of It Ain't Necessarily So, made me vision the flow of information to make news seem to work like a childrens game. This probably isn't good considering people depend on that news everyday. But the rest of the intro explains that when the information is sent through researchers, advocacy groups, government agencies, and then all put together by the journalist, "room for error increases."


The book continues to explain this and how the flow of information works (or doesn't work in this case) and actually seems very interesting by showing facts in the first chapter of how some information gets past up in some cases for information that might not be as good for people to hear, see or read. (I'm glad that we are seeing both sides to the story now.)



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Yes, the telephone game is a good analogy. I sometimes use that game to help drive home a point about mediation.

Maria Pezzuti said:

I love the telephone game i wanna come to brownlee sometime and play with you. I thought the way you stated your opinion was great. This blog was not only informative but also you added your personality which made it more interesting to read. COOL!!!

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