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October 25, 2007

She's real?!?!

So News Writing had me soooooo excited today. In almost all of my classes we've talked in some way about President Boyle, and I never really thought that I'd get to meet her, today made me so happy.

Now I sound like a big dork, BUT, when I was younger I went to take your daughter to work day every year and since my mom worked at Geneva College I always thought it was the coolest thing to walk on the campus (acting like I was meant to be there of course, with my little 8 year old attitude) but a few times I was able to meet with Geneva's President(s) there were two during the time my mom worked there, however they never seemed like as big of a deal as President Boyle. So when she walked in the room today it was like Elizabeth Seton HERSELF just happened to stroll into our classroom. (Insert gasp sound here.)

I was pumped. In fact I give the kids in the class that asked questions MAJOR PROPS for doing so, I was so caught up in the moment and taking notes that it totally passed by me to do so. (Probably not good for my future.) I really got A LOT out of class today though. I feel like even though I was not a full participant-I still was able to take in a lot of information and fully soak in what was going on. I surprise myself sometimes (actually a lot of times this has happened this school year) but when I stay quite and let the class take its course through peers discussion and teachers responses I am able to catch on to a lot more than when I am trying to put my own two cents in as well.

I'm really grateful for today's class - thanks Jerz!



And Jeremy (I hate saying you're right but....) I second your radio idea.


I got a kick out of this response, Chelsea!

It was a humbling experience. I never had the opportunity to meet a president of anything, so this was quite the gift for me. I did notice that some students were so caught up doing their own thing that they did not get the chance to ask any questions. Better luck next time. If there is a next time. I did like the way Dr. Jerze did the whole bait and switch game on us. Interesting!

haha Hey, I'm a senior and have not only met President Boyle several times, but also worked with her and even introduced her at events this summer and I'm *still* nervous around her! It's like having a mini-SHU celebrity.

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