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October 12, 2007

The don't laugh at me song comes to mind.

In class today we watched two videos, both of which I was being a little slow and didn't catch on to right away, but since we already made fun of TV news by the Breaking News video and the Situation Room - lets make fun of me and talk about why I wasn't catching on. (I'm sure if my dad reads this he'll be laughing.)

First off, if the message of "watch these videos to make fun of TV news," was ever said by Jerz, I wasn't paying attention because I didn't catch on to "making fun of breaking news" until about the third time they anchor came in for "breaking news" (I should be a blonde, its cool, I know.) Then with the Situation Room video, I was ready to go, I knew we were making fun of TV news now, I was ready to laugh and be like "OMG TV news you're so dumb," ummm, someone should be telling this to me. I was like, yeah this is funny, why is the guy talking like that he sounds like he was told to emphasize every other word, wow that's dumb. (dramatic pause) Then Daniella (who was sitting beside me) starts to bust out laughing, I figured I wasn't catching on to something (aka the news feed) so I started reading the news feed thing that scrolls along the bottom of the screen, and started to laugh as well.

YAY!!! Now I can make fun of TV news! -Well actually, we do that a lot, and we just made fun of me, so since that seems to be the theme, we should make fun of something else. (Jerz I don't want this to break your heart - I like writing and reading newspapers, but lets be "true journalist" and show both sides.) Newspapers are not perfect either, we make mistakes too, this is just my opinion. In my eyes no form of news is a perfect way to display  what is happening in the world today, the world is changing so much that really there is no way to do so. I'm not picking whether I like TV news or reading newspapers better, I'm just saying if we are learning to write fair and balanced, we should do that with all things actually-and though these videos are hilarious (when you catch on to them) I'm sure there is some way to make fun of newspapers in the same way. That's all, done ranting.


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I didn't introduce the clips as spoofs, so it's OK that you were fooled.

You're right. Print journalists make mistakes too, and there is no reason why we shouldn't also look at those mistakes. However, a unit on problems with print journalism wouldn't have been as entertaining as the video clips, particularly for a class scheduled on the day before Fall break... But we will actually look at all kinds of journalistic mistakes when we read It Ain't Necessarily So. We should expect the print reporters who have more time to research their stories to be more accurate, but the book will point out plenty of areas where there is room for improvement.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the Onion story was real (at first. I caught on kinda quickly though...haha)!

You're right- there isn't one "perfect" new source. Everyone makes mistakes- it happens. The best bet, if you want the "real" news, is to get it from a variety of sources- internet, news magazines, the paper, tv, etc. Someone has to get it right between them.

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