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November 25, 2007

America's Best Newspaper Writing......readings.

Chosen "Classic" from Chapter Nine

Gene Patterson  - A Flower for the Graves (pages 285 & 286)

Hmmm, I love symbolic writing. This passage made me actually feel like I was a part of the time and the setting of the story...how lovely! I really like how Patterson kept saying we over and over again, as his way of laying the blame for the death of the children on the towns people that did not try to stop the violence that they always saw happening, giving his readers the idea that it was not only the actual killers fault but also the people for not trying to stop it. Overall it is just a great writing piece. I related this to my final article because I really want to pull in student readers attention with it, as well as teachers and other employees of the SHU campus. My article is about mischief on campus and what we (as students) can do to cange the way authority on campus handles it. Since students do not like paying the fines they stick us with, we need to find GOOD alternatives for punishment for others wrong doing and the mischief problem on campus. However the only problem I will have is that I cannot say we like Patterson was allowed to, because it is not an editorial piece....hmmmm. (We'll figure it out.)


Hull- Metal to Bone

Maybe my ADD was slow today and didn't catch on or maybe its just that I love cop stories or maybe, this was some gooood writing. (I'll go with the third.) Pages 96-111 captured and kept my attention with this story (appaulse for not having an ADD moment) I loved how it was a bunch of stories and how Hull was able to tie them all together. Beautiful - I love good writing.


Fuson - Ah, What a Day

More like Ah, What a Sentence. I found this paragraph/sentence very interesting because I personally always make my sentences run on like that when I'm describing something. I really liked how Fuson was able to make this weather report actually interesting too. I wish all weather reports were written like this, like you can actually feel what it feels like outside before you even go out there. How convenient would it be to read a weather report like this and then get dressed and ready for the day. How clever...A+ for Fuson.

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