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November 2, 2007

Blog Portfolio (Numero Dos)

I'm not going to lie, and I'll be the first to admit, that since the last blog portfolio, I've been a slacker with updating this thing. I basically sucked this past time with getting the assignments on here. However, I did get them all done, but I think I need better titles, because I think sometimes people were confused when they came to my blog looking for the assignments. Anyway, here goes with Portfolio two.


Coverage-Like I said I blogged for every assignment. But since apparently the titles are two creative and are not what the assignment is, people get confused.They are as follows.


Depth- In each of the blogs I refer to page numbers were I found something in the book that really sparked my interest. This is most evident in "I like making lists." and "Do I really want this?" These two posts show the most outside sources to make my blog. With "I like making lists," for each point I make I refer to a page number; whereas with "Do I really want this?" I make reference to one page and go into depth about how I feel about the passage from that page.


Interaction- I was able to interact with peers by commenting our their blogs, and in the case of Jeremy and Carrie's blogs about the Intro and chapter one, I was able to tie them together to make a connection both otherwise didn't see.  Jeremy's post, and Carrie's post.


Discussions- Though this time around I did not receive as many comments as I used to. However I did receive a lot of comments on the day we were told to go comment on other classmates blogs. That day a few people noticed that I had updated my blog and made it into the display that it is at now, and were impressed. I think as  newbie, people didnt expect me to 1) actually be working the blogs 2) know how to design it 3) make good entries of worth with these. So on the "I like making lists" entry there are many comments telling me that I am doing a good job in the class, and with the blogging.


Timeliness- The most timely post that I put up was my entry about President Boyle's appearence in class. She's real?!?! sparked an interest in fellow students and Dr. Jerz because of my reaction to the class discussion that I talked about in my blog that day after class.


Xenoblogging- For this section I think that I contribute to the classes ability to blog in a different way. Though I do leave comments that generate more comments on a person's blog, I think that I help out the blogging process more by helping others be able to do so. For example, the day in class that we were supposed to sit in the lab and blog, many freshmen came to me with questions and I was able to help them do their blogs better. (I think it was easier for them to approach me because I am technically on the same level as them.) But also, some upperclassmen wanted to know how I made the layout of my site and how I was able to work with the site so well. So even though I can make useful comments, I think my service is better used to help others understand the blogging better.


Wildcard- Though the entry New songs by a friend. has NOTHING to do with the class, and has really no reason to be on this site, I think this post shows how I have been able to handle the blogging because of three major things. 1) I was the first in the class to be able to figure out how to put a picture on my site 2) I could use a trackback, which we use frequently in class, to an outside source that has nothing to do with class and 3) I was able to show that I can use different kinds and fonts in one entry. Though this entry does not show my ability to make a good blog for the course site, it shows that I have been able to master the blogging experience, and as a newbie I think that's a good start to the rest of my years at SHU since I will need to use this blog more and more as I continue at this school.

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