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November 13, 2007

Eww...those crappy journalists.

This reading made me sad. This is the main reason why I do not want to write for newspapers all my life. Because, people see them as lower than they are, and do not like when they make errors and then do not try to fix them. Well listen kids, if I write for a newspaper forever, if I make a mistake, tell me and I'll fix it. The End.

This is my favorite part...

  • Track errors; do not rely on readers or wait for them to call. Research shows

     that many readers who note errors do not want to be bothered, for a variety of

     reasons, with calling them in. But the mistakes are remembered and can add to

     the process of credibility erosion.

  • Publish prompt corrections of all factual errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. Be

     wary of policies such as “we will correct significant errors”; that’s open to broad

     interpretation. Instead, lean toward a policy that will result in more rather than.


^I'll do that...if I do this forever.


I can see how you'd be sad reading this- it shows you how journalists are seen by the public, which isn't very kindly, apparently. You hear of lawyers and denists getting bashed for their professions (you know lawyer jokes...admit it), but journalists? No one will ever be happy, I figure. If we make a mistake, we're in trouble. If we fix it, we're in trouble. It's a lose/lose situation...it makes me want to write "Disclaimer: if there are any errors, I'm really sorry, we tried. You don't do everything perfect either." Oh, that's mean...sorry...

Okay, if you make your mistake and end up writing for a newspaper for the rest of your life I'll be sure to read your paper and tell you of any errors that I see! Then again, I really like Nessa's idea of including a disclaimer in the newspaper. If McDonald's can get sued by an old lady because they didn't put a warning on the coffee cup saying that it's hot, editors should be able to put disclaimers on their newspapers. You can try and try, try again as many times as you'd like; it's okay as long as you learn from each mistake that you made before and teach others to prevent them as well.

I am not a super duper copy editor but I would totally tell you if you were wrong. Haha

Andddd Like I commented on Bethany's blog, we are all human and we make mistakes. No one is perfect and if you are, why don't you rule the world? Or do something worthwhile. (Um...not you specifically but those who stick their nose in the air)

And disclaimers would be a good idea...I'm kinda liking it, but for newspapers it is not realistic :(
so sad

That is the reason I want to write, to be critisized. The more, the merrier. Screwing-up only makes you stronger. i do not think that the public sees writers as lower than they are, I think they rely too much on the newspaper.If they don't like it, get it elsewhere!

I would agree with Jeremy to a point. People do not rely on the newspaper that much anymore. Studies have shown that people rely more on the TV news, and even then it's more like they rely on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report, which is just ridiculous.

I agree, a disclaimer would be perfect!

I agree with Jeremy as well. Writing for the public is meant to be criticized. That's how you become a better writer.

Journalists may start out their career as an average writer, but as they gain experience and know what NOT to do, they could end their career as a fantastic writer. Could this maybe be why so many journalists write fiction on the side?

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