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November 14, 2007

Media Lab: Happiness in the form of a brochure.

My term project is completed for my first EL200!!!!!! (insert big grin here)

As you know, I made a brochure for the Setonian to try to bring in more sports writers.

The brochure is called How to Write a Sports Article... I know VERY catchy title.

But I picked them up from the Duplication Dept. today and they are so cute that puppies now have competition!

I'll be showing them to my class for the "final" in there, along with doing my presentation and giving them to the Setonian office to give to hopeful sports writers...it'll be a good time-I hope they are liked as much by all as they are by me.


Okay, my process is as follows...

  1. Contacted Randy Senior (Sports Editor for my home town paper) to get some tips from him about what to do and what not to do when writing sports.
  2. Read over every mention of the word sports in the Associated Press Stylebook.
  3. Made notes from the two above sources.
  4. Made notes into understandable sentences for first draft of brochure.
  5. Found clip-art for the first draft.
  6. Made the first draft of brochure.
  7. Printed a copy of first draft out (in black and white) to ask for feedback.
  8. Put suggested ideas in brochure and fix mistakes on first draft.
  9. Print out second draft (still in black and white) to ask for feedback.
  10. Put suggested ideas in brochure and fixed mistakes on second draft.
  11. Contacted Dorothy from the Duplication Dept. to make final copies.
  12. Talked to Dorothy about plans for final product look of brochure.
  13. Sent Dorothy the brochure sample file.
  14. (Insert Dorothy making the brochure here.)
  15. Picked up brochures and put a smile on cute little Chelsea face.

Yay for being done and for them being beautiful :D

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I can't get people to take my usability test for our blog. No one wants to take the time to do it :(
I'm going to start bribing people......

or better yet blackmailing


Good job though!

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