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February 12, 2008

EL150: But I liked that character!

A Good Man is Hard to Find

Wow! This short story was very well written, I loved it. The quote I chose was found on page three, "In case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady."

I really liked the Grandma's character. She was classic. She reminds me of a neighbor we have back home that wears a dress or skirt everyday because that is the "lady-like" thing to do, and I love it. (Though I wonder what she thought of me during my tom-boy days.) Anyway, I think women like that are so classy and interesting, so I loved this character. I loved that she looked like a lady, and expected her (very RUDE) grandchildren to act properly, even though she didn't always seem to. I liked that she talked all the time about everything, I basically just loved this character and how much O'Connor really brought her to life.

What I didn't like is her dying!!! UGH, I hate when my favorite character dies! But I like that the quote I picked kind of goes along with the way she died. (I picked that quote before finishing the story because I liked the classy-ness of the grandma.) I never thought that she'd die, after she causes an accident with her family on vacation, and though they all live through the accident "The Misfit" comes along and kills them...of course, I should have predicted it when the dirt road was brought up, gosh! But even though it wasn't right off the highway, at least she left the world the way she wished, like a lady, and a pretty classy one I might add. 


Haha, the grandmother is a great character. Anytime she talked or thought something, it was always amusing. You also brought up a good point about that quote going along with how she really died. It was ironic.

dont you just hate that? when you think that you know the same story plot that the main character can never die and then the next thing you know *POW* there goes the main character and your hopes and dreams are gone. i think thats its the authors way of making sure that readers don't always see the same thing coming. to keep the readers on their toes so to say.

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