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February 20, 2008

EL150: Extra Credit - simple is beautiful

"...and if you go as you are, you will certainly attract all eyes, but I am sure you will not win admiration for these things from a single heart whose regard is worth having."

I have to agree with the aunt in this short story. Aunt Helen is trying to tell Alice that she is overdressed and that her outfit is too flashy. I have to agree with Helen...I think that any girl looks better when she is dressed simply, like she has the confidence to wear whatever she wants and know that she looks good, without society's approval. I feel that girls around my age feel like they always have to make themselves look perfect and have their hair just right, and wear the right clothes and be the right size and always look "over done" because they are trying to measure up to society's views of beautiful.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I agree with the aunt - a girl doesn't need a million accessories and the perfect outfit to look good, though these are not always bad things - all a girl really needs is confidence in herself.

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