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February 12, 2008

EL150: I knew I was doing this right.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor

So I always thought there was more to this picking out a quote, blogging about it and then commenting on classmates blogs, but here I was all along....doing it right. (At least right according to Foster.)

"So engage that other creative intelligence. Listen to your instincts. Pay attention to what you feel about the text. It probably means something." This lovely quote found on page 107, made my day. I really like the part that says "pay attention to what you feel about the text" I always felt (even in other classes) that everyone was digging in, sometimes too far in, to the texts, when all I could get out was a quote that didnt really matter. I'm glad Foster agrees with me...it probably means something.


I like the quote you choose. Frequently in classes, we would run out of time or whatever and some quote I thought was significant would never get discussed. I would assume I was confused and I was reading too much into things. But Foster is helping me to see that there is not necessarily a clear right or wrong answer. Just because the author included something for one reason and I see it as being there for another reason does not make me wrong. It is all about how I interpret the words and what the book means to me.

You guys are both totally and completely right! Sometimes things that may be truly significant to the class will stand out on their own. However, there are times when you, yourself may get a gut reaction that is right, yet never discussed. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Some people can look so deeply into a text, that they lose touch with exactly what the author really wanted to pass on to them. Trust your gut, go with your instincts. After all, they faithfully served the human race until Higher Level Thinking showed up and taught us barbarians a thing or two!

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