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February 18, 2008

EL150: It's late, I'm doing all in one.

My aunt once gave me a book of a bunch of poems by Emily Dickinson and I believe these two were in there, but I never really read them until now. I like the first one...I'm easily confused by the second.


First Dickinson Poem

"Because I could not stop for Death,/He kindly stopped for me;/The carriage held but just ourselves/And Immortality."

This is the first stanza. I really like it because it reminds me of rushing through life and not having time to actually live and then one day it's too late. And then it seems like the speaker is waiting for awhile to get to either heaven or hell. Like he spent all his time in life trying to get stuff done and trying to do more and more without REALLY living and then when in death it takes forever to get anywhere.


And the second

"How sweet it would have tasted,/Just a drop!"

Ugh, I hate that feeling...that sooo close to getting everything you wanted feeling, that almost the best, almost the favored, almost first, almost everything you worked for, and then it being taken away from you. This poem, "Victory Comes Late" by Emily Dickinson portrays that feeling and captures it so perfectly, esp. with this line.

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