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February 26, 2008

EL150: The river and some little kiddos

Flannery O'Connor: The River

"The three boys didn't move. Something seemed to have happened to them. They started over his head as if they saw something coming behind him but he was afraid to turn his own head and look. Their speckles were pale and their eyes were still and gray ass glass. Only their ears twiched slightly. Nothing happened."

This quote, found on page 29, reminds me of how easily kids get scared of nothing, because they always make it out to be a bigger deal than it actually is. The truth is, little Chels did this A LOT. Mostly when I had to take the dog out at night, I HATED doing that. See our back yard is huge and our dog isn't like a normal dog because she can't just walk outside do the deed and then come back in, no she had to be difficult. See she doesn't like when people watch her, so basically that means you take her out to the very back of the yard, tie her up, walk away for awhile, walk back, bring her inside. Well, let's talk about how I made a big deal about waiting in the "dark, scary night" waiting for her. I even sang the Veggie Tales "God is bigger than the boggie-man" song while I did this chore. I always freaked out! Sometimes I made my parents wait for me on the back porch because I was afraid someone would come out behind me and snatch me and I'd be gone forever. (I was a paranoid child that watched too much Law and Order.)

Anyway, this quote reminded me of that because these kids are scared to see what's going to happen and the one is too afraid to turn around to see what his compainions are afraid of. But then nothing terrible happens. Just like little Chels, nothing terrible ever happened. The dog was taken out and in without either party being kidnapped (or dognapped) maybe these kids are watching too much Law and Order as well.


I totally agree with you Chelsea. I definitely think that this quote shows that children are too easily scared and often, it's over nothing. After all, we all at one point thought that the boogy man was in our closets or under our beds.
And as for me, I watched too much "America's Most Wanted" as a kid which kept me sleeping with my closet light on for far too long. :)

Children are easily scared. It may be due to what they watch, but I think it's a natural thing for most children, not all though. I remember being that way, and I will admit that I sometimes still am. But yes, this passage was humorous to me as well.

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