EL150: I just came from Faith class...

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The Life You Save May Be Your Own - Flannery O'Connor

I think I'm getting off topic with this one but I think it's a good thing for everyone to keep in mind.

Found on page 55, "The girl was nearly thirty but because of her innocence it was impossible to guess.”

We all need to be like this. Not so much as we need to be oblivious to what is really going on in the world around us to be the best people we can be, but that we need to be truly innocent and not give in to the temptations of the world. Maybe its the current situation (me being in the commuter lounge between classes and over hearing a terrible conversation from some boys) maybe that's what sparked this post, maybe its the fact that I'm in college and sometimes just want to run back in time to recess in fourth grade, maybe it's that this quote is actually some good stuff.

Moving on...I don't know who reads this and I don't know who out of those people believe in God, but I do, and Jesus once said something like to come into heaven one has to have the innocence of a child (I think that's quoted wrong and I don't know the Bible well enough to find it, but I know that it's something like that.) So even though I don't know O'Connor's faith or what connections she was trying to make...the one I'm making is that we need that innocence - even though the girl in this story probably doesn't end up happily ever after, at least she's got that innocence that will save her from the cruelty she sees now, in the end.



I just texted my older brother (the religion major) and he said the verses that go along with what I'm saying are as follows Mark 10:13 + Luke 18:15-17 + Matthew 19:13-15

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Stephanie Wytovich said:

Chelesa, I love your entry. You make an excellent point about innocence, and I really liked that you followed up with the passages at the end :)

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