EL150: Maybe too much One Tree Hill?

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How to read Literature Like a Professor

So my brother got me Season Four of One Tree Hill for Christmas. (I am an OTH addict...I will not lie.) So maybe because I have been dunking myself into the majority of the season this weekend is why this quote stood out to me. "My guess is that as long as people act toward their fellows in exploitative and selfish ways, the vampire will be with us (Foster 21).


Season Four is by far the most messed up and crazy good season of OTH...ever. Maybe it's because everyone has a "vampire" in them and everyone is acting selfish in basically all the choices they make through out the season. But this quote stuck out because its true. Though OTH is just a show, being a writer, I'm guessing that the writers of the show get some of their material from their high school days and I'm sure that anyone can find a piece of themselves in anyone of the characters.


Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, I think we all need to let the vampires go.

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Kaitlin Monier said:

I found it interesting how you related the quote from a textbook to a television show. It is not literature, but that does not mean it is not writing. Even in the shows on television today, we can find elements that have been used in literature and story telling for centuries.

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