EL150: Oh Nicholas Sparks.

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor

"Everywhere you look, the ground is already camped on. So you sigh and pitch your tent where you can, knowing someone else has been there before."

This quote, found on page 187, made me happy. The chapter is talking about how, in a nut shell, everything has already been written and there really are no new ideas for books or movies or even songs, everything has already been written. Though I already knew this, when I begun writing my novel, I was depressed about how much the idea of it, and where I think it is going to end up reminded me so much of a book that Nicholas Sparks would write. (The creator of The Notebook, before it was made into a movie, for those that don't know who he is.)

However, with this quote, and this section of the book really, it made me happy because even though my work may remind people of Sparks' work, and though in a way it is basically the same kind of story that he writes, it's still different...because its mine, and it will have my views on the topic. After all, apparently Shakespear already has written everything and every writer to follow him is copying, so apparently my buddy Sparks got his ideas from someone too.

Don't worry, you all will love my book - even if The Notebook wasn't your favorite.

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Tiffany Gilbert said:

I LOVE the Notebook and it's not true that only girls like it...because I know boys that like it too...Not that you said that
I agree with you that everything has been written. My last blog about Shakespeare touched on that. We are all out looking for ideas but it all stops at the same dead end. That is okay because there are different forms of it. I like the analogy of the campground...someone has already camped there...sigh :)

Juliana Cox said:

Wow, your writing a novel. That's great!
Now to the point that everything has already been written I totally agree. It can be very hard to write a creative original piece of text, but I believe many of us have been exposed to so much of literature that it is hard to not go back and repeating key concepts and ideas that we have picked up on.

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