EL150: Portfolio 1 - This business is getting old.

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Oh blogging... I love that the song playing on my roommate's radio right now is Hate That I Love You by Rihanna which is basically how I feel about blogging. I'm not going to lie....I love the idea of it, I think Jerz was a smart one when he tought to put his classes online and have us get ideas from the readings and then put those ideas on our blogs, and then comment on other blogs to share ideas. It was a smart move. However, in some ways it is flawed, which is where the hate part comes in. (Sorry Jerz, but here comes the truth.) I hate that we do this, basically for every assignment. I hate that my blog has become more of a visited site than my Facebook. Okay, that might be a stretch but seriously - I'm on this thing A LOT. Maybe I'm just bitter because my Facebook gets love and my blog gets expletive deleted and I've spent about the same amount of time on each. Anyway, one with the first portfolio which (for those that don't hang out here like our classes) is an entry compiled of other entries that fall into five categories; coverage, timeliness, interaction, depth and discussion. Happy reading kids!

Portfolio 1 Assignment

Coverage - I feel like I've done well with coverage for this portfolio. I think however that it is pointless for me to list all of the blogs that I actually did. If someone looked at my page they could see that just about all of the entries say EL150 (this class) and then have something significant in the entry. Also, I covered the extra credit as well - I think I'm set with this category. 

Timeliness - I wont lie, I haven't done well with this category this time around. I've been really busy and sometimes the blog gets pushed to the back burner. However some entries such as; Breaking out the Blogs, I picked two. and Oh Sweet Setonian are some examples of me being "timely" which is a good thing for me, since my mom always says I'm going to be late for my own funeral. (Thanks for that mom.)

Interaction - I'm upset with this category. Granted I understand that some of this is my fault for not getting my blogs up exactly 24 hours before class, whatever I don't blog for myself, leave some love already. Anyway...blogs that got love; Sometimes I cannot choose., Which will I master?, and But I liked that character! And some blogs where I showed some love. Steph's blog about Emily's darkness, Ethan's blog - I give him props for being smart, and Allie's blog when we wrote the same thing.

Depth - Interestingly I think that I did well with depth even though my entries are not very long. I think that I showed how well I could relate current day things to the works that we are reading to give a different perspective to the class. Some entries that showed this, One Tree Hill, A feminist entry, The Notebook.

Discussion - So, sometimes I forget to give comments but I was able to find some classmates blogs where I did the discussion business. Marsha's blog (where I teach vocabulary) and Angela's blog (where we talk about Disney classics)


"And I hate how much I love you, I can't stand how much I need you..."

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I appreciate both your candor and your good work, Chelsea.

I think part of what you're feeling is an extension of the same feelings you have expressed about the difference between writing an essay mostly to express your feelings, and writing an essay that fulfills academic requirements. I think that kind of tension is a normal part of the transition to college.

We can spend some time in class talking about ways to make blogging meaningful, particularly within the context of the entrepreneurial environment SHU aims to foster.

Stormy Knight said:


Back when I was a sophomore (I think), I had Dr. Jerz for American Lit 1915-Present, and a few of us had the same feeling you're having about blogging. We, too, rose the issue of academic blogging on our blogs and it started a riot of comments. I'm not too proud of my comment so I won't link to it here, but I'm sure you can find it with some poking around the 'net.

My attitude on blogging has changed a lot and I feel that Dr. Jerz has tried very hard to accommodate his students while maintaining his style of incorporating blogs into his instruction methods.

I often felt, "what's the point in this? Isn't this what class time is for?" So many of us have sat idly in a classroom while 1 or 2 select students speak. By posting a quote and one or two sentences (some post more, some post less, but all Jerz really requires is a couple sentences) and bringing the printout of the entry to class, it really does stimulate discussion. There's no reason to feel nervous about speaking in class when you've already exposed your ideas to the public via the blogs.

I still think it's a little redundant at times, I won't lie. I think the initial agenda item and 2-4 comments per reading is feasible--but writing the informal reflection in addition to those things for every reading is a little exhausting. I think "at least 2 comments" would sound a little less intimidating. I couldn't fathom posting 8 comments every Wednesday and Monday before Tuesday and Thursday's class (we usually have at least two readings due in EL336 every class meeting).

I was a personal blogger for years before I came to SHU. Sadly though, I RARELY write about my personal life on the internet mostly because I don't have time. After being at SHU for four years, I've come to embrace academic blogging a la Jerz style. Yes, it can be a little time consuming. Yes, it can get to the point where you feel like you eat, sleep, and breathe blogs.setonhill.edu, but it's so much better than having lengthy papers due every few readings. Writing essays can get just as tiresome. Blogging forces students to participate and that makes class time more efficient and worthwhile. For Dr. Jerz, it helps him know how to arrange his ideas for his lecture by looking at our blog entries.

I promise you that after a few classes with our beloved DGJ, blogging for the academic world will be much easier once you've got yourself in a rhythm. Students tend to think that he's asking us to do much more blogging than he really is, it seems almost shocking at first. Really the point he's striving for with blogging is interaction among peers surrounding the assigned readings.

I hope that helps. You're not alone, and it's never wrong to voice your opinion, Chelsea. There are probably a lot of people who agree with you. Keep that chin up, and don't stress too much. Time management, darling, time management. Easier said than done I know, but my planner is my bible.

Good luck with the rest of the semester and please let me know if you need any help with your blog.

Thanks Storm - you're my favorite.
...my planner is my Bible too - glad to know I'm following in a good path like yours.

I think Stormy has done a great job of explaining a productive way to think of this particular part of the course work. Look carefully at what I require for the blogging homework, and you'll see that some students in our class are choosing to write far more than the assignment requires.

I think they will get a lot out of the practice they are giving themselves, and I would like everyone to write a deeper-than-usual blog now and then so they have something to put into the "depth" portion of their portfolio.

But if you don't feel particularly inspired to write a whole lot, remember that the agenda item is really just a couple of sentences to go along with your chosen quote, and then a couple of couple of comments on peer blogs, and that fulfills the requirement.

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