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March 3, 2008

El150: Giant Eagle...yeah I don't miss you.

Nickel and Dimed: On (not) getting by in America

Ah, summer reading assignment making a come-back in the Spring semester! I think I'm one of the only people that actually didn't mind reading this book over the summer. (Apparently, I am a loser. Whatever, I'm cool with that.) Most of my reading was done in the break room of Giant Eagle while I finally got to rest from fixing the shelves that would more than likely be messed up even more when your break was over...even though you fixed them perfectly just 15 minutes ago. Maybe I should've started smoking while working at the great GE...hmmm.

"I complain to one of my fellow servers that I don't understand how she can go so long without food. 'Well, I don't understand how you can go so long without a cigarette," she responds in a tone of reproach. Because work is what you do for others; smoking is what you do for yourself," (Ehrenreich 31).

I understand this quote too well. Many of my fellow GE workers smoked and only did because frankly, the job was tough. A lot tougher than one would expect. I thought being able to fix the shelves for hours would be the easiest job ever because my OCD always kicked in while shopping when the shelves were not fixed. Everyone that I know that smokes says that it calms their nerves and really relaxes them...if I wasn't allergic I'd probably start too. Working at GE was very much doing everything for others and since I'm not a smoker and never will be, reading this book during my hours in the summer was basically my "something you do for yourself."

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