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March 6, 2008

EL150: I'm glad I'm complex.

I'm an English Major - Now What?

"Regaurdless of your major, however, remember: Your major is not you. Nor is your future determined or limited by your major. If it were, every politician would have majored in political science" (Lemire 183).

GOOOOOOOOD!!! When I first picked my major(s) I thought, okay great so I'll be in something that I like and then live in a box until I die...sweet. However, I AM so much more than just Journalism and Communication. I like soooo many different things, I really could have gone to any major (okay minus the math and science ones) but still, I was open to anything. Currently, I'm really interested in the Marketing field and thinking of making it my minor (if that's possible) but anyway, I really like the more business, media planning and public relations kinda thing then just the write for a newspaper stuff. So this is good news, thank you sir!

Page 187


Upside-The industry likes a liberal arts background with specialized knowledge, as well as creative people strong in idea generation and presentation skills; stimulating work; variety of assignments.

Downside-Hours can be long(expect more than forty hours a week):travel often required;intensely competitive field.

I'm more than sure that I can handle the ups and downs - so bring it on Marketing Minor. (SHU get used to this face, I'll be around awhile.)



Seton Hill does not offer a Marketing Minor. (Insert sad face here.) 


Awe Chelsea! I'm sure you'll find another major or minor you overacheiving woman you! But you do make a good point about your major not just being you. I'm the same way. I mean, I'm not a journalism major, yet I've been doing it as a job for 2 years?

Chelsea, I know what you mean, it is so hard to pick! When I chose my majors (English, French, Education), I had a hard time deciding whether to major and minor or double major. I had to decide between English, French, and History (all in which I was very interested in). Reading Lemire’s chapters though made me want to take on even more! I would love to add a minor in history or if Seton Hill offers it English as a Second Language. Sadly, I cannot fit a minor in, since I have no room to take anything but the core classes and those required by my majors (especially since I am losing a semester to student teach). However, I think Lemire’s suggestion to double-major is an extremely good one. Any way in which we can better prepare ourselves or set ourselves apart from other job candidates is always a plus. But I agree with you, it is encouraging to hear that we are not limited by our majors—especially for those of us who had a hard time deciding!

I would love to major in different areas. I love reading and writing (hence the English major), but I also really like archeology, astronomy and film making (filming and editing). Just because you are an English major doesn't mean all you do is read and write.

It is so hard to choose a major/minor! I too love so many things, and I love learning. I went from History, to Science, to Social Work, to Psychology, and (finally!) to English Literature. It is great, Chelsea, that you are so interesting in Marketing and business. I actually wrote about the "Going Corporate" chapter and someone in this field actually responded. Here is the link if you want to check it out Chelsea: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/EricaGearhart/2008/03/the_corporate_world_is_not_for.html
He might be able to answer questions you might have for him. I love hearing about other people's career goals and major choices, so I'm glad you choose to talk about this topic in this blog.

Put on some pressure, and maybe you can get a Marketing minor started here. This university changes and evolves; they are currently thinking of starting a Film major or minor here sometime in the near future. I think the faculty takes students' wishes into consideration, which is a total breath of fresh air from high school. Wow, I'm actually happy to be in college again. Thanks Chelsea for helping me have a minor (ha) epiphany.

You might be able to design your own minor. You can certainly take a bunch of relevant courses, maybe do an independent study or internship, and list it on your resume as a "concentration" even if SHU doesn't officially recognize it as a minor.

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