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March 5, 2008

EL150: Let's be a little more rude...

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

Page 113:

"No," Holly finally interjects. "That's not true. Not everyone can get this job. You have to pass the test!"

The test? The Accutrac test? "The test," I practically yell, "is BULLSHIT! Anyone can pass that test!"


The next line Ehrenreich says that, that was an inexcusable outburst. It was - very much so. Granted those tests are dumb and everyone probably could pass them...you don't say that to the girl that couldn't get a job any where else and is now sitting in the back seat of your car very badly injured and crying that she has to continue working because she doesn't have enough money to take the day off. Ehrenreich pisses me off with this section the most. I understand that she comes from decent money and is now writing about and living the life of a minimum wage worker. From personal experience - minimum wage doesn't cut it and only REALLY strong people can live that way. I know that if I had to fully support myself I wouldn't make it - thank God for parents (since I know they are reading anyway) but honestly how could she be so inconsiderate? I hope she realized that not everyone makes it in the world like she did - some people actually have to live like that everyday...not just for a book.

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